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Sketchtoreality recognizes of protecting every individual’s data that has been submitted by them to our Website. However, the data collected by the website may be used by the company to contact its user for any research, enquiry or for seeking any additional information. 
This Policy, in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions, explains how we may use the information we collect from the user. Please read this Policy and the Terms and Conditions; by accessing our website, you confirm to have understood and agree to abide by them.
Sketchtoreality reserves a right to amend, change any part or the whole of policy and it shall equally be binding the user/visitor.

Information We Collect

We collect information like your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address and IP Address when you:-
1. Visit the Website.
2. Register on or buy anything from the website.
3. Take part in our promotional activities like competitions, Lucky Draws, Customer Surveys and Questionnaire. 
4. Contact Us via phone, email or letter.  
We may even receive any personal information about you from the Third Party (co-partners, branding partners, joint marketing strategists etc.)  in order to ensure the accuracy of the data that we hold about you to send you the most relevant offers and promotional data.

How We Use Your Information?

We collect your Personal Information in order to ensure a smooth communication and better understanding with Sketchtoreality to personalize your experience and meet your requirements. 
We may use the above mentioned information to -
1. Personalize your experience with Sketchtoreality.
2. Develop or improve our products and services. 
3. Manage promotional activities like competitions, survey’s etc. 
4. Process online orders and in-store purchases. 
5. Operate your online account in order to maintain rewards 
6. Imparting important information about Sketchtoreality
7. Check, verify, Identify or prevent any defect or fraud.

From time to time if required we may carefully share your information with selected partners or third parties to enable the best shopping experience. However, we will never directly give any permission to any of the third parties to use your personal information or to directly contact you for marketing information unless they have our content.

Marketing and Customer Research

With your prior consent, we may contact you via Email, Phone or SMS as and when required to communicate important information or to share details about any Merchandise or Services. 
It’s entirely your choice to receive or not to receive any such information from our end. To opt out to receive any promotional information from us, you can click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the Emails that you receive from us.

Cookies and Other Such Devices

The website may also collect aggregate, general and non-personal information by placing “cookies”, “web beacons” or other such devices on the user’s/visitor’s terminal equipment. Such information shall be used for analysing effectiveness of the website design and advertising and in verifying identity of users engaged in online transactions on the website.

The user/visitor may change his/her browser settings to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. If a user/visitor chooses to decline cookies, the website may not be fully accessible or functional for such user/visitor.

Further Information Or To Lodge A Complain

Should you have any questions concerning the website or regarding your account, you can write to us on [email protected]


Reasonable precautions are taken in order to protect the information provided to us by our users. However, transmission of Data or Information over the Internet is not completely safe. No guarantee is given for the security of information transmission and storage of content on the website or the databases of the website other services. Sketchtoreality will not be responsible for the unauthorized actions of the Third Parties.